Citizen Crystron Prototype Eco-Friendly Review

Citizen Crystron Prototype Eco-Friendly Review

Citizen Crystron Prototype Eco-Friendly Review

The Citizen brand has been a pioneer in seeking alternative energy sources. Already in 1976, in fact, the House created the first solar-powered clock in the world, the Crystron, based on the innovative Eco-Drive technology, which allows timepieces to capture both the Sun and artificial light, to accumulate it and to reuse it instead of normal batteries, avoiding, at the same time, to pollute our planet. We have one! Much time has passed since the launch of this functioning and environmentally friendly technology which, over time, has been developed and perfected with the introduction of solar panels with extremely small dimensions and with even more effective performances that allow, for example, to extend the life of the energy up to 6 months.

Just to celebrate this extraordinary technological breakthrough, Citizen today launches the Crystron Prototype collection, a special edition limited to 750 copies and dedicated only to the Italian market which has always proven to appreciate the potential of the Eco-Drive functionality. Directly inspired by a 1974 prototype, which Citizen has never put into production, the Crystron Prototype watches, offered in three variants, have a 38 mm / 1.49 inch diameter steel case, combined with a black or blue dial, and in black IP steel with dark green dial. The temporal information is entrusted to hands for hours, minutes and seconds and to the dater with date and day of the week, while the Eco-Drive movement guarantees a power reserve of 180 days. With a water resistance guaranteed up to 5 atmospheres of pressure, Citizen Crystron Prototype watches are equipped with a mesh bracelet, closed by a folding clasp, and cost € 199 in the steel version and € 249 in the IP black version.

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