Bell & Ross Watches Reviews

Bell & Ross Watches Reviews

Bell & Ross is a luxury French watch company headed by the French and Swiss designer Bruno Belamich and businessman Carlos A. Rosillo. In the beginning, a team of watch designers and aeronautical control panel specialists joined forces with one project in mind: to create timepieces perfectly suited for professional use. Bell & Ross draws its inspiration from the history of aviation and the military specifications that accompany it, each time carrying out a technical or visual feat to produce an instrument of the highest quality. Some professions require absolute precision. When success depends on perfect timing and every second counts, having a watch able to meet the most rigorous of standards becomes absolutely imperative. Reliability, performance and resilience are essential for these special timekeeping instruments.With their shared values of performance and excellence, Bell & Ross regularly works alongside elite units of the Armed Forces to design timekeeping instruments with specific functions or to celebrate particular events. Today, astronauts, fighter pilots, armed police and special law enforcement, submariners and even bomb disposal divers use Bell & Ross watches as a tool when completing their missions. Their goal: to be part of the great Swiss watchmaking tradition whilemeeting the demands of men facing extreme situations.

Bell & Ross Watches Reviews

Bell & Ross Aeronavale Bronze BR V2-94 Limited Edition Review

Bell & Ross Aeronavale Bronze BR V2-94 Limited Edition Review

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