Graham Watches Reviews

Graham Watches Reviews

Graham is a historic British brand which has been re-started by the Swiss watch company, The British Masters (now called simply “Graham London“). The idea behind the concept of The British Masters was to recollect the tradition of the great British watchmakers, namely George Graham (1673-1751) and John Arnold (1736-1799). The first collection of “Graham” and “Arnold & Son” was brought on the market in 1998. Graham is now a combination of English heritage and Swiss watchmaking and is a sister company to Arnold & Son. Graham traditionally used Jaquet (now La Joux-Perret) movements, most of which used Valjoux or ETA ebauches. Since namesake George Graham is regarded as the father of the chronograph, all Graham watches are chronographs.

Most are left-handed, with the crown on the left side of the face in traditional British racing fashion. Graham specializes in racing-inspired watches, while Arnold & Son specializes in nautical watches. Known as the father of the chronograph, George Graham was also the brains behind inventions such as the dead beat cylinder escapement, the first wall chronograph and the mercury pendulum. Perpetuating this spirit of remarkable innovations and technical expertise, Graham watches is now a contemporary watch brand dedicated to enthusiasts of the mechanical arts. Graham watches evoke a powerful fascination among connoisseurs with technically and aesthetically playful objects that combine originality, exclusivity and avant-garde.

Graham Watches Reviews

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